Hello world!

Hello World is an understatement. A little over two years ago I started writing a novel as a personal challenge and now I’m blogging on Meryton Press. Wow! It has certainly been a journey, a not-so-easy journey, but a  journey that I would do all over again.

For my initial blog, I thought I would share a bit about what inspired me to write Echoes of Pemberley,  my debut novel. Like most of you reading this blog, I too love Jane Austen’s  novels. Immersed in books like Pride and  Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility,  and Emma, I discovered characters  that were passionate, imperfect, endearing, wicked – in other words – they were real. Jane Austen could create jealousy, attraction, bitterness, longing, any human emotion imaginable in a mundane parlor conversation. The human spirit was her canvas, and readers are picking up her novels 200 years later. That, I’d say, is a feat.

For myself, I have always been particularly drawn to Georgiana Darcy, the sixteen year old younger sister of Fitzwilliam Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Though I’m certain her life was spared the hardships of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, creating a main character with the added complexity of being an orphan intrigued me. Initially, I considered writing a novel about the beautiful and accomplished Georgiana. What her life must have been like – wealthy but parentless with the reserved, unsocial Fitzwilliam Darcy for a guardian. Yikes! Now there’s a story to be told! However, with Pride and Prejudice’s 200th anniversary looming, I decided to take a road only lightly traveled in the genre of fan fiction sequels – I wrote a contemporary novel.

Echoes of Pemberley is just as its name suggests…a repeat! Many years have passed since Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice, eras have come and gone – while at Pemberley Estate in Derbyshire, England, history has done what it has the propensity to do…it’s repeated itself. Catie Darcy, the novel’s main character, is the modern-day counterpart to Jane Austen’s Georgiana Darcy. At sixteen Catie has spent the last eight years in the custody of her only sibling and elder brother, Bennet Darcy. Echoes of Pemberley is a coming-of-age romance that is emotional, funny, dramatic, and heartwarming. It is my hope that readers will come to love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s modern offspring as much as Ms. Austen’s original characters for they have become like family to me.

Echoes of Pemberley has a “like” page on Facebook that will keep you updated on release dates and cover art! Thanks to Meryton Press – the journey has begun indeed!