St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

1 March 2012

Top of the Mornin’ to ye!

As many of you know Echoes of Pemberley, my debut novel, was recently released, and it has been an exciting first couple of weeks to be sure! Firstly, I wanted again to thank you all for the support and encouragement. Truly, I couldn’t have come this far with my writing without my family and friends (old and new). My heart goes out to you all, and know I’m both honored and humbled by each of you.

To show everyone my appreciation, I thought we’d have a St. Paddy’s Day Book Giveaway in honor of one of the novel’s main characters, Sean Kelly. Sean is an Irishman from his flat cap to his boots who finds himself at Pemberley Estate for the summer after being temporarily exiled from Ireland – more or less by his own mother. Sorry, you’ll have to read the novel to know the whole story.

As for the giveaway…it’s simple! Just leave a comment at the bottom, “click” to share this blog on Facebook or Twitter (or both if you’re so inclined) and voila – you’re entered! All wee lassies and wee lads are welcome to participate so fill ye boots and put the word out. The winner will be announced on Sunday March 11th and will receive his/her free copy of Echoes of Pemberley by St. Patrick’s Day.

Luck of the Irish to ye one and all…

God Bless,